a Combination of Balinese Relaxing and Acupressure



Provided traditional massages

The word “spa” conjures up images of long days filled with mud baths and meditation classes, exquisitely prepared spa cuisine, and fragrant eucalyptus groves. But spas seem to be everywhere: office buildings, strip malls, village storefronts. Salons with one tiny massage table tout their spa services. How can they all be spas?

For one thing, there are several different types of spas, including a handful of dedicated destination spas that are all about healthy living, resort spas where the spa is another amenity (like golf or tennis courts. At a day spa you just drop in for treatments like massage, facials and body treatments. Often, day spas are an extension of a hair salon, which is fine as long as the spa is a separate wing that offers a quiet, serene, environment.

Taman Harum Cottages Hotel Spa provided traditional massages as well as a range of full body massage offering a combination of Balinese relaxing and acupressure.

Taman Harum Cottages Jalan Raya Mas, Ubud Bali – Indonesia.
Phone : +62 361 975567, Fax : +62 361 975149
Email : info@tamanharumcottages.com


Is more than just a hotel. It is an idyllic setting perfectly located at the centre of the art and craft villages of Bali, This area is home to some of Bali’s best artist and woodcarver including your host at Taman Harum Ida Bagus Tantra, known worldwide as one of Bali’s most renowned wood carvers.